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a drunky is a person who drinks like a fish, and snort, swollow or smoke anything that will remotly change there state of mind.
dave you drunky cunt you drank my beers and snorted all the washing powder, get out of the wheelie bin....
by moona September 18, 2004
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A form of absurdist/dadaist/postmodern literature which indulges in or celebrates "randomness", often characterised by non-sequiturs and impromptuesque or improvisational style. Often, wtfist literature, in Postmodern tradition, reappropriates older sources. A classic example of wtfism is a Neil Cicierega animutation or an episode from the televised Monty Python.

Etymology: WTF from 'What the fuck' + -ism
An example of wtfism:

Alice: Konaka desuku mashitaka.
Bob: You stole my pineapple you fucking bitch!
Alice: Mitsubishi.
Bob: Now we are in Spain.
by Moona June 18, 2006
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