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A derogatory term for someone who wears red, white, and blue clothing to be patriotic, and ends up looking like a big queer. Also: Flag.
Girl: Did you see Dexter at the 4th of July party?
Boy: Oh, yeah. Man, he is such a flaggot.
by Moofis March 16, 2008
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A female who uses her super female power to get people to believe her tattletales.
The act of being a tittletale.
Jill: Yes, your honor. The accused raped me.
The Accused: What? It was your idea to have sex!
Jill: *starts crying* ...don't listen to him! He raped me and my life is ruined! Now can I have my money?
The Accused: What a tittletale!
by Moofis March 16, 2008
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