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Harry Potter is a highly critisized book read by all ages. Every time there are book releases, book signings, or movies, teenagers and children alike flood in a mob of zombie-like creatures; even going in costumes. Harry Potter shouldn't be compared to Lord of the Rings at all. They do not relate in the least; LOTR - A Epic Journey of a short guy; HP - A book about a boy who whenever he is at Hogwarts, there must always be Voldemort, or some evil at the school. Harry can never attend a normal year of school, instead, faces everything from Cerberus to a snake-man. Personally, I hold nothing against the book but my HP addict of a friend has dragged me to every book release along with movie EVER made about Harry Potter.
Harry Potter - the addiction of the 21st century
by Moof Moof Cow January 30, 2007
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