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A Frank Zappa send up of the phoniness of the 60's "peace movement" and Time Warner hippies.

Constructed using blindingly sped up guitars and drums to replicate the hardcore speed freaks and other trippers, the song is designed to show how vapid the flower/peace movement really was.

The song was structured similar to Hendrix's "Hey Joe" who Frank admired and jammed with (Hendrix is featured on the cover of the album You're only in it for the Money in which Flower Punk is recorded). The call and response "hey punk..." is answered just like Hey Joe, a Billy Taylor song.

This is one of few Zappa songs not to have cover versions on the internet due to the fact this was mostly a studio/audio creation exemplifying Zappa's use of technology, not quite music concrete but a great example of Dada.
Zappa flower punk Dada Hendrix Billy Taylor Hey Joe flower power phoniness 60's hippies peace movement Time Warner music concrete
by Monique Myers 44 January 21, 2012
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