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An awesome and ultimatly crazy person who is the sweetest friend ever. Generally associated with bats and soup.
Way cool chick.
Hey it's not my fault you're insecure, intimidated and wear TOMS. Invest in some sensible footwear. Love- Isis
Isis:A pretty, smart, fun, funny, outgoing girl who is always there for you. People everywhere find her attractive. She has a crooked smile but straight teeth. Pretty dark brown eyes. Shes named after an Egyptian Goddess. Friends can rely on her for anything. When she says she loves you, she means it. If you give her your heart , she won't break it

A passionate lovely girl who would never hurt the one she loves even if he does/doesn't feel the say the type of girl who would catch a garnade for u the type of girl who'd give her lif for u , not to be mixed with a hoe , she only gives love not blow jobs , the type of girl that turns u one with her smiley and give u a boner with her touch the type of girl that can get on yuhr nerves but you'll never can , the kind of girl how care about what u have to say and listens to u , the kind of girl who would weight for u for entirety . The kind of girl u love ....but can't love for long cause once u have her it's hard to hold on to her. The kind of girl who likes a kind of guy who cares for her and who,d love her for her (not to b superficial) but she's amazing how is she still single ? (my number : 678-590-3066 text me only)
Fun , loveable, smart , talented,tough,strong willed , powerfull, classy and just pain isis
by Monicalionel November 30, 2011

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William: a Fucking pussy that gets on everyone's nerves and has bad taste in everything and smells like shit

I hate William with all the blood in my body he's the type of guy u want chop off his penis and make him choke on it so he can shut the fuck up ..... But he does have his funny side ....but he always bring up the fact that yuhr dada slapped out side in front of everyone
Guy1: eww he comes William

Guy2: eww let's run before that nigga comes by us
by monicalionel November 30, 2011

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