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The low experienced after getting your hair done and it looks awesome the first day and then wake up the next day and try and do it yourself and it looks rubbish. Especially relevant when you've had a fringe cut in.
After unsuccessfully trying to style her new hair-cut herself like the hairdresser had done the day previously, Monica had a bad case of detression when she realised that she was failing miserably.
by MonicaSt July 24, 2013
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The quick clean-up you do so your house looks at least presentable when you get short notice of an imminent visit.
Lauren rang to say she was down the road and would call in for coffee. The house looked like a bomb had gone off, so I did a 5-minute housework triage on the place to patch it up to a presentable level before she arrived (clothes kicked under beds, unwashed dishes dumped in laundry, rubbish kicked behind couch).
by MonicaSt October 15, 2013
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