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The worst fucking excuse for a fraternity ever to grace the university of oklahoma's campus
Guy #1 dude did you hear how many pledges phi psi got this year?

Guy #2 No, how many?

Guy #1 None

Guy #2 Sounds about right, I forget there's even phi psi's on campus
by Money Balls February 21, 2008

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also known as delta oops-i-signed, or the d uouschebags. they are basically a club with a house since they are a social fraternity and not a real frat. ask them anything about their rituals, motto, or handshake (if they even have one) they have to tell you, better yet go sit in on one of their chapter meetings since they are open to the public
person 1: Delta Upsilon sucks

person 2: Yeah, why would anyone sign with those lame ass bitches...They're not even a real frat

person 1: I heard they suck cock just for the taste
by Money Balls February 21, 2008

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