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A pitiful excuse of a sub-human being. It is likely that you will find this said sub-human in a bar, drinking and playing pool with an unattractive and probably overweight piece of trailer trash you wouldn't want around your kids. Although, this is probably fine because the deadbeat doesn't even come around, so it's probably no big deal. (See barfly) This barfly which is often associated with a deadbeat father probably has child problems of her own. Commonly, the barfly's spawn are from numerous fathers and the children are probably in the father's/state's care, in fact, the barfly probably screwed up so much there's no possible way she could ever get her kids back, even if the said father of the barfly's children were to die.
The deadbeat father can often be seen wearing $150 sunglasses(probably oakley's because he's suffering from Peter Pan syndrome and wants to live in the 90's) and is sporting a $300 cell phone. He probably is unemployed, drawing unemployment, and works under-the-table,(to help support his and his barfly's habit), which he freely admit to the judge because of his dwindling IQ due to the heavy amounts of beer and marijuana comsumption.
Due to lack of functioning braincells, he is unable to remember the children or their birthdays and will often call on the wrong date if he even calls at all. Of course, because the deadbeat is so self centered, he believes he is a wonderful father and believes other fathers should be just like him.
1)Michaeal K Baucom Jr (he thinks he's famous pool shark)from Seneca SC is a prime example of a deadbeat dad.

2)Deadbeat dads litter the world for decent hard working parents.

3)Sally: "Oh my god, did you know that Michael didn't even call his son on his birthday?!"
Sue:"Wow, Michael is SUCH a deadbeat dad"
by MommyDearest74 April 10, 2009
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