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A chindie is a chav who tries to cover themself from that reputation by dressing or acting like an indie. This means that they will wear scarves, baggy cardigans, have messy hair and a parting starting from their ear. They will still listen to chav culture music, like X factor shit, but say they listen to the most ovious, NME bands like the Kooks and Razorlight. When joining networks like Bebo or Facebook, they will discuss bands that they think are indie bands like MGMT, and talk about how cool they are for knowing a song not in the charts. The hilarious thing is that they never know who the fuck any of them are. A chindie will always avoid a real indie in case they get found out that they don't have a clue. A female chindie will usually attract a true, fit indie boy. Their relationship will usually only last the online taliking stage-until they decide to meet up. Within the first glance- he should be able to recognise her gayness, and leave immediatley.
Chindie-"Did you watch the NME chart last night"
True Indie-"Yeah, why?"
Chindie-"Have you heard The Enemy's new song?"
True Indie-"Yeah, what about the Super Furry Animals new one?"
by Mojobummer Baby January 30, 2009
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