3 definitions by Mohawk

Staple diet of living-alone-for-a-while bachelors.
Newlywed woman: So what do you think of my cooking?
Newlywed man: Beats two minute noodles.
by Mohawk March 6, 2005
A hairstyle where the sides are shaved, leaving a 2-3" strip down the middle. Originaly worn by the Iroquois and other Native American tribes. Back then the hair was either plucked by hand or shaved with clam shells.

Mohawk hair cuts became si-nonymous with the Punk scene, other variations are the bihawk and trihawk.
Mohawk Warrior hair cut
that punk has a 10" fanned mohawk
jake from the casualties has a huge mohawk.
by Mohawk April 20, 2005
1) A type of finger-lickin' good food
2) short for "curry muncher", a person of subcontinental descent who lives in the west. They often think they're cool because they're black so they try to act like negroes. Especially in Australia
Curry1: Yo Ranjeevkumar, wats for eatin?
Curry2: curry
by Mohawk March 7, 2005