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A Jewish man's genitalia. Considered the smallest variety of Caucasian penis, only slightly superior in length and girth to the asian penis. Significantly smaller than the penises of all Non-asian Gentiles.
"Oy vey", sighed Mordecai, as he looked down in despair at his modest kosher cock.
by MohammedEaster June 03, 2009

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A penis comparable in size to a stick of chapstick. Most commonly found on Asian men, although not entirely limited to them. For instance many Ashkenazi Jewish men are known to have Chink dicks or quasi-Chink dicks. See Kosher Cock for a full explanation. Strictly speaking a man of any race may be said to have a Chink dick, provided it is sufficiently small.
Yo son, I saw Tyrone in the locker room yesterday and he's got a small-ass dick!

But isn't he black?

Yeah, but he's packing a Chink dick!
by MohammedEaster June 12, 2009

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What every Rabbi's daughter secretly fantasizes about. Gentile cock is the forbidden fruit of Jewish women everywhere, due to its considerably larger dimensions than its Kosher counterpart. See Kosher Cock.
After growing up on an isolated Kibbutz in Israel, Deborah Liebowitz is desperate for some Gentile Cock.
by MohammedEaster June 03, 2009

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The financial largesse acquired by Jews through exploitation of the Holocaust by means of a never-ending series of movies, memoirs, musuems and "Holocaust Education" campaigns.
Steven Spielberg can't wait crank out another Holocaust film in anticipation of all the Holocash it is sure to rake in.
by MohammedEaster February 23, 2010

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