3 definitions by MoeHoe23

When engaged in cunninglingus, hair on top of giver's head blown by air unexpectedly escaping the vulva.
Joe was queefcoiffed as he went down on his girlfriend.
by MoeHoe23 May 12, 2017
Regretting bleaching your skin and returning to its natural dark color
Michael Jackson considered reneging several times as an adult.
by MoeHoe23 October 24, 2017
A game played when enjoying coitus. The male enters the female as deeply as possible and yells "Marco". The female, when agreeing her vagina has been filled to its maximum, replies "Polo".
When taking Shanequa deeply, Jante moaned "Marco!" "Polo" is her response, when Shanequa backs her ass into Jante's hips. Mmmmm Marco Polo
by MoeHoe23 August 11, 2017