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1. The most disgusting and offensive insult you can ever call some one. Is described as one who is egocentric, bi-polar, a compulsive liar, a cheater, slime, flame-baiter, and the butt of all jokes.

2. A player on Arcanists who exhibits these annoying behaviors listed above.
-Wow this fag is such a deadace 21.
-Stop acting like deadace 21 you bitch.
by Mod Thomas October 20, 2009

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Refering to being comicly owned by a volcano in arcanists. Also it can be used as "owned"
ex: "rolfmaool, psa just got lolcanoed"
by Mod Thomas April 22, 2009

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the title of a online gamer that completely dominates all. PSA is known to me the most skilled arcanists player. PSA is shifty and genius and is able to defeat any challenger. Psa is a symbol of legitament ownage and is the best example of an Arch Mage
dude, I do not wana play psa, he will completely own me.

ex2: this guy is probly psa, he is too good

ex3: that noob is just a psa poser...
by Mod Thomas April 21, 2009

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