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Sirius Black is... well, a damn sexy flying-motorbike riding, outlaw from the Harry Potter series who makes everyone hot. EVERYONE! I belive he and his sultry cousin Bellatrix Lestrange were totaly fuck-buddies! Was Sirius 'with' Remus, James, or Tonks? Who knows? Everyone is entitled to their own crazy fan-fantasies. Who cares anyways? Being Bi-sexual dosent decrease his intense hot-ness (actually, I think its a plus!) but anyways Sirius ISN'T dead, he just fell threw a curtain, Man! His animagus is a big black dog, which is soooooo awsome! Not to mention his Tatoos which he got in prison which are awsome and hot. He is the ONLY wizard to escape form Azcaban on his own! Basically he's a sexy outlaw who care take care of himself!
by MistyEyedMissHyde August 13, 2009

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