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As the cabin pressure changes with altitude the male penis becomes erect. The lower cabin pressure due to altitude causes then blood to flow directly to the boner region of the male anatomy. This situation is worsened if an attractive female is sitting next to him. However, screaming children on planes seem to lessen the severity of swelling.
Sir the pilot has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign...
I’m sorry, due to atmospheric changes my penis has swollen into an airplane boner and it is to painful to fasten my seatbelt...
by MisterMack February 17, 2018
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An airplane boner is a swelling of the male genitals beginning at take-off and lasting until landing. The penis becomes hard likely to altitude and/or pressure changes. Some suggest it is a fear boner related to flying. It is unfortunately very painful and restricts walking down the isles. The only known remedy is to tightly secure the seatbelt in hopes it will cut off blood flow and restore a flaccid man-unit.
I was in pain the entire flight. My airplane boner was raging. The woman next to me was not happy to see my bulge throbbing for 6 hours between Seattle and New York.
by MisterMack February 20, 2018
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