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Yorkie is the nickname for Yorkshire Terriers, a small breed of dog. Yorkies are of the toy category, weighing usually anywhere from 5 to 7 pounds. They often have a long, black and tan coat. These dogs do not shed and are excellent for owners with allergies.

Yorkies are usually very intelligent dogs, although they can be dominant. Yorkies make excellent lap dogs, but they will want plenty of attention and most are very dependant on their owners.

Sidney adopted the cutest Yorkie from the SPCA yesterday, he always loved Yorkshire Terriers.
by Miss Misfit March 08, 2007
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1) The proper, real definition of the word "Judo" is that it is a Japanese martial art. It is a sport adapted from jujitsu, which uses principles of not resisting, and is similar to wrestling.

2) A dumber, but also valid for this Urban Dictionary, version of the word Judo means "you don't", and is said by sterotype rednecks. It is mentionned at least once on the show "Blue Collar Comedy", and also in jokesites that have a 'redneck dictionary'.
1) Sidney loves sports, but he hasn't done any judo in a while.

2) "Judo know nothing!"
by Miss Misfit March 13, 2007
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