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If you have met or exceeded the seating capacity of a Dodge Caravan, you have a famtourage.
Victoria was invited to a birthday party that included the family. The host was surprised to learn she was part of a famtourage. Under her breath we heard
"I hope we have enough cake".
by Miss Lizzy Blizz September 03, 2009

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Anyone after their latest marriage that looks at their children and realizes they have half-siblings, a biological sibling, and step siblings, is a blended family.
Victoria had such a hard time with her family photo at show and tell day. She could not get the other children to understand who was who in her blended family.
by Miss Lizzy Blizz September 03, 2009

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You have been downstaged when someone in your group is always trying to upstage you and their plans are just not as good as yours.
We could have had back stage passes but Bob downstaged us, now were stuck with the nosebleed seats he bought.
by miss lizzy blizz October 02, 2009

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