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When a woman (sporting a full bush) puts her crotch right in his face, and then wraps her legs around his neck
When a woman (sporting a full bush) wraps her legs around his neck... simulating the finest Mink Scarf ...
by Mink Scarf March 27, 2011

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pack myself..is to shove a foreign object into your own orafice
The art of packing oneself involves precision, carefully executed technique, and an extrodinary amount of lubricative substance.

Sentence: I am packing myself right now


I plan to pack myself tonight!
by Mink Scarf June 16, 2011

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One who worries what degree of bush the woman he is pursuing is sporting. ie. bare, landing strip, intricate design, or full bush???
I have been talking to this girl for hours.. its getting pretty serious, im starting to have bush worry!

the act of worrying if what she has is what you prefer, or is it far different and you're in for a shock.

Only one way to find out!
by Mink Scarf June 17, 2011

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