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- verb (spahyt), spytes (spahyts), spote (spoht), spyting (spahy-ting)
To speak, write and type the same time.

spyter (spahy-ter)
– noun
One who spytes.

spyten (spit-n)
– adjective
A combination of the words spoke, typed and written.
You spyte when you use speech recognition software which translates your speech to text. Spyting is the fastest and most efficient way to write. I can spyte 150 words per minute and am spyting now. Anyone with a smart phone can spyte. I have been spyting, instead of writing or typing, for several years now and I spote a book called Suddenly Sane.

I am the first spyter, but not the first to use speech recognition

Suddenly Sane is the spyten word as opposed to the written word.
by Mindology April 15, 2013

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verb (tahrk) - acronym - to Talk And Record in Cars. Similar word: spyte - to spyte means to speak, type and write at the same time, which is what you are doing when you use speech recognition.
When you use speech recognition while driving, you are tarcing (tahrking).
by Mindology August 29, 2017

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