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A millennial that moves like a robot to EDM music, they give their Uber driver step-by-step instructions on how get somewhere, they think complaining about stuff all the time is a conversation, they think they're savvy because they use snapchat, and they watch YouTube videos of other people playing video games.
Is that girl having a seizure on the dance floor? No, that's how trashennials dance to EDM.
by MindFlo December 2, 2018
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Did you see the shameless house today? No, what now? The weeds in their front yard are 3 feet high. It's good thing we just rent. I can't wait to move to a neighborhood with an HOA.
by MindFlo September 12, 2018
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A millennial couple that are young professionals that are dog parents, love Dad jokes, are punny, watch reruns of the Office, and live off Starbucks delivered by Postmates. Usually they live in newer apartments or condos near metropolitan areas of town and go to brunch on weekends.
Where are they going? They are going downstairs to get their Starbucks delivered by Postmates. They just came to work though. What can I say, they're yuppials.
by MindFlo September 1, 2018
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The white girl version of the C-Walk (The Crip Walk), and they think they are just copying popular dance and are completely oblivious that they are dancing like Crips.
Did you see that Becky do her B-Walk on Instagram. Yeah, she is doing the white girl C-Walk and she doesn't even know she is doing The Crip Walk.
by MindFlo September 12, 2018
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