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1. Verb). To Portray a story or narrative in a manner which neglects to include any of the following: A central purpose or theme, a moral or punch line, or an ending within a reasonable amount of time.

2. Noun). Any person or persons whom without adequate explanation or reason is denied the top place in competition.

3. Noun). Any person or persons whos entourage consists of a grand and diverse group of men who are unrivaled in martial skill as well as looks.

4. Event). Depending on the duration of the school year there may be multiple events known as "Brum Roasts". These events will be held when a member of an organization returns from extended period of absence and are meant to give opportunity for friends to gather and ridicule one another.

5. Noun). Any person or persons who exhibit a consistency with the following traits: Has an unusually incurable case of rhinitis, seems to lack the capability to maintain a clothed torso, has outstanding damage to the ear, has had or has a tooth that appears to be grey, and has bulbous genitalia.
1. "Dude, he totally Brumed that one!"

2. Person 1: "Hey how did Chris do at the tournament?"

Person 2: "Oh he was a Brum, got second."

3. "I wish I was a Brum, then my friends wouldn't suck."

4. "Did you hear about what happened on the trampoline at the Brum Roast last night?!?"

5. "What a Brum!"
by Milton Peter Keith Cathy. March 12, 2010

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