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1) A rather boring college town in Lancaster County, PA
2) An even boring-er suburb of Baltimore/Annapolis in Anne Arundel County, MD. Even people from other regions of Maryland will assume you mean Millersville, PA if you tell them where you're from. You won't be able to escape it without a car. Its main attractions are a truck stop (Transit) that may have cheap gas if they're slow to update their prices, and the "Steak n Shake" chain which is a rather newer development and is a great place to get diarrhea. The stereotype of Millersville residents is derived from other places on the map. Going southeast it becomes Severna Park for people who couldn't afford it. Go northeast if you want more chain stores/restaurants like Pasadena. Going north up 97 toward Glen Burnie (Old Mill, etc) it becomes much seedier in a "buying heroin from a guy named Travis behind the Home Depot" sorta way. Going southwest towards Gambrills/Odenton it becomes country living for dumb people who wanted an acre of lawn to mow but still wanted to pay half a million for their house (Though Waugh Chapel isn't far, I guess- if that's your thing).
Millersville? You mean Millersville, PA? Home to Millersville College? Yeah, I guess 80 miles isn't too far from Baltimore.
by Millersvillain August 21, 2018
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