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When you cut open a woman's belly and proceed to piss inside of her, after you are done you sew it up and the scar is referred to as a pee mark.
Dude, I took this bitch in last night and have her a mean pee mark.
by millerman May 21, 2015

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Marijuana that is ready for packing into your cone piece.

Comes from putting the marijuana and the tobacco into a bowl and using scissors to "chop" it.
"damn man, I am starting to come down, pass us the chop will ya?"
by MillerMan January 16, 2005

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1. Requiring much - usually repetitive - Physical work; 2. Causing much mental fatigue. (Sometimes spelled 'Labourious')
Counting the grains of sand on a beach would be a most Laborious task.
by Millerman December 19, 2013

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