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A town northwest of Chicago, close to many other towns, such as Poplar Grove Many of the town's inhabitants refer to each other as "pro" or "boss". They also are home to some self-centered and narcissistic people. The town's inhabitant's also like a short variety of music. For example, they worship LMFAO and Lil Wayne, but not much else. The town is also dangerously conservative, homophobic, and pro-life, meaning people with common sense are often excluded from daily activities, which include starting shit at the local roll-a-rink, and conforming to popular culture.
Hey man, you wanna go to Crystal Lake? Naw, man, I'm a liberal, they'll eat me alive.

(Typical conversation between Crystal Lakians) Dude, you're such a pro! Yeah, I work it like a boss. *Turns to gay kid* HOMO!
by MillerYo April 08, 2012

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