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A small prestigous village in Northern Illinois that is located 15 minutes from Rockford. The town is home to rednecks, crooked politicians, and farmers. Girls here are usually extremely attractive and usually pretty easy. Poplar Grove is also home to North Boone High School aka Cow Pie High. Almost everyone who lives in Poplar Grove, graduated from North Boone HS, and call themselves "Booners." Booners are the most hated "group of high school friends" in the entire area, including all of Rockford. The male Booners steal all of the attractive girls from other area high schools because of their amazing wittyness and charm.
Girlfriend: Who is that guy standing over there?
Boyfriend: Just another Booner, those guys from Poplar Grove.

Girlfriend: (Thinks her head) "That guy is a f8cking stud, what am I doing with this pile of $%*#, I need to get on that Booner."
by BoonerBabe September 14, 2011
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