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Is the same as neener-neener, but in Spanish. From "chinchar", that is "tease" and "rabiña" (derived from "rabia": rage, anger)
Chincha rabiña, my daddy had a colonoscopy this morning and yours didn't
by Mikiviki March 09, 2013
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In Spain, slang for vagina. It's onomatopoeic.

It's equivalent to chocho, but a little more less derogative and mainly used by women (not duchesses or princesses, of course), especially in the intimacy with other women.

It can be used as an exclamation of despise if used with the verb "to sweat", but it would sound very rude, so don't use this expression in front of your aunt or your mother's peers
- Oh, Carrie Ann, my chichi is very itchy

- What you say makes my chichi sweat, asshole!
by Mikiviki March 10, 2013
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