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A small town on the New Jersey shore, popular vacation spot for North Jersey tourists. Also referred to as "Point" by surrounding towns' citizens. Split in two by a canal: there's Point Pleasant Beach and Point Pleasant Boro. "Point Beach" is technically an island, since the canal cut off its connection to the mainland. This side of town boasts the beach, Jenkinson's Boardwalk, a train station, a "classic" downtown area, and some very nice houses. "Boro", as it is locally referred to, features a highway, multiple mini-malls, and the lower income families of Point Pleasant. Also adjacent to Bricktown. Point Pleasant is famous for its winter rental culture, where locals live cheaply in summer bungalows until the actual summer, when quick money is made off of tourists and is stored up to live on throughout the winter. Also known for locals never leaving the town; a rather widespread and endemic underground drug scene; roughneck fishermen; and a large population of artistic people, both musically and visually, who eventually leave the town for California or "The City". Considered the "clean" version of Seaside Heights. Longstanding rivalries in the high schools with neighboring Manasquan. Also known for its high density of 7-11's - five in one town!
The town and its citizens were briefly embarassed by being associated with a failed television show of the same name in 2004.
"Point Pleasant? More like Point Unpleasant! Ha ha! Oh man, I wish I didn't live here."
by Mike08 June 28, 2005
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