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A tank top intended for muscular and tan males. If you are skinny and pale, it does not compliment those features. The bro tank is usually worn by the classic douche. Many have the misconception that bro tanks make them look cool, but 95% of the time, the user looks like a major tool. A normal non-douche will refer to these garments as "douche tanks", but the tank wearing "bro" will deny the quality of doucheness that comes with the product. If the user admits that the tank is in fact, a douche tank, he is most likely not a douche. A "bro tank" has no class, and anyone with any qualities of a gentleman, will not wear a "bro tank".
Douche 1: Bro, there's a douche convention down at the beach!
Douche 2: Hey I need some new clothes for it! There's a sale at Hollister, so let's get some bro tanks!
Douche 1: Bro Tanks?! Those won't make us look like tools, let's get some!
by Mike Hunts Eaton July 08, 2013

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