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Brigham is a person who always has to be right, even if he is wrong he will keep pushing until he is correct. If you know one he might remind you of the character “Marco” from the popular TV show Angelina Ballerina. Also if he is a vegan RUN. As fast as you can
Bro stop acting like a Brigham
by Migger December 1, 2021
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Is a person who likes to lie for attention. She will most likely tell you that she knows everything, but she doesn’t. Don’t trust a Ylena, she will stab you in the back
Stop acting like a Ylena
by Migger December 1, 2021
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The dirty leslee is when a female pees in a cup and makes the male drink it, telling them it’s lemonade. With the excess pee you must pour it on the female or pee on the male.
Dude, Riley pulled a dirty leslee on my last night, it was SICK!
by Migger April 16, 2020
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