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Of or from the Arabian Peninsula. Having Arabian heritage or lineage directly from illiterate nomadic camel herders. Coming from a male dominated society that is rightfully fearful of losing their women because they themselves are a monstrosity to look at. Years of inbreeding and camel-incest has led to a sort of merging of the male/female divide in that the Arab women tend to look like the men. To be Arab in the progressive segments of the different populous of the Middle East, has an extremely negative connotation. (Turks,Persian, Darba's, Kurds, etc.)
Hey Alice how was your blind date last night? Was he handsome e or did he turn out to be an Arab? Poor thing, she covers up her body with that "chador" when in reality her body covered hair does the job just fine!
by Middle Eastern Dude January 01, 2013
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