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The act of several friends/co-workers/people taking turns shitting in a toilet without flushing in between. The shit is then left for an unsuspecting victim to walk into (this is perfect for bosses or your friends' girlfriends). The ideal dumpstack includes throwing the used toilet paper in the trash instead of the toilet so as not to cover the awesomeness of the stacked shit. Must include at least three dumps to constitute a stack.
"Man when Carl comes in tomorrow he's gonna find the most wicked dumpstack of all time. There's at least five dumps in that toilet right now."

"I hate Billy's girlfriend. I say we give her toilet a dumpstack at her party Friday."
by Mickey Dump April 09, 2006
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Common street term for a "bitch" or another name for a mean or evil woman. Also used to describe a girl who sleeps around with several partners per week/night.
"Man, that chubi already fucked lil Ronnie tonight, and now she's going to fuck Daryl?"


"Man my mom is being a chubi about me going to the rave Saturday night."
by Mickey Dump April 09, 2006
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