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A very furry part of the female body often resembling a member of ZZ Top.
one day while browsing through pornographic videos I stumbled upon a video with the owner of a furburger. at first glance I thought it was a video of a ZZ Top reunion tour
by Micheal Jackson June 30, 2004

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Expansion pack to Command and Conquer: Generals. Very good game, but some people obsess over it and are really gay.
"Syful you suck at ZH! You didn't even build a secondary econemy! Faggot!"
"So? I don't care, its just a stupid game."
by Micheal Jackson November 05, 2003

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the ugliest piece of clothing ever, geeze i cant believe someone actually care enough to put it in here and you can't spell loser who watches blue crush
gene wears duna duna pants
by micheal jackson February 21, 2003

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its a thing u put on ur head and it has a pointy thing on the end (like a unicorn) and u put it in ur cooch!
remember melissa when u stuck ur wild unicorn in tony lee?
by micheal jackson May 02, 2003

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lia is a girl who enjoys wearing tit shots, almost everyday. shes really mean but shes also the shit and i pretty much love her. A certain boy wants her in bed....hmmm wonder who that could be....?
she has the coolest family ever, esp. nersel and dominic. but mamma and pappa cef are also the shit. and so is babita

shes the shit at dancing, esp. to a sond entitled 1-2 step. she also enjoys giving certain people lap dances....oh man
"Hey molly do you like this tit shot that i have on today?"

...." I guess but what makes it different then all the other days."

"oh yeah i remember you like pia lia"
by micheal jackson January 31, 2005

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