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A term for a man who wishes to be a woman or is in the transition to becoming a true woman. Different than 'transvestite'
I am a transexual.

Right now im Michael, Soon i'll be Michelle.
by Michael TODD Rehmeyer..... March 02, 2008

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A man who wishes to make a male to female sexual transition. Can be uncomfortable with their own body, their own sex and feel like they need to make a change to be who they 'really are.' This is something thats kept very secret and when you finally come out its like getting a weight lifted off your shoulders. The price to get the surgery done is somwhere between 7-24,00 dollars. I saved up a lot of money from the grocery store and can now pursue whichever avenue is best for me.
I would like to get a male to female surgery done and become who I was always meant to be. Right now I still consider myself a 'tranny'
by Michael TODD Rehmeyer..... March 03, 2008

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