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A steoreotypical name for young women living in the hood or ghetto.The common Shaniqua has a weave that is so cheap it looks like plastic,or very long thick braids.She wear extremely tight and short clothing topped of with ridiculously lond heels.
Other attributes include:long nails,husky/shrill iritating voice,4 children with different fathers.
Shaniqua:Yo giiiiirl i gots tah go down tah them welfare offices,my check aint come in this month!uh-huh and you know my babby daddy be trippin'"

Shaniqua:"Oh hell nah u just did not pull off my goddam weave!laquisha hold mah earrings girl!"
by Michada June 24, 2006

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Talking non-stop,therefore boring the other person to death.another word for Blabbermouth
"Omg!omg!omg!did yah hear?shaniqua's baby cousin sister aunty stepbrother's neighbour done walked in on her husband getting hoochy koochy with another man!"
"Girl quit earbashing dont nobody wanna hear that"
by Michada June 24, 2006

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...As in Michelle Williams of Destinys Child.A person in your group of friends who is a tag-alog.They blend in with the crowd,never have anything witty or funny to say and prefer to laugh along even when they don't know what is going on.
1:Argh that new girl Cassey is like totally getting on my nerves,she's such a Michelle.
1:Like you know,The Michelle of destiny's child;alwways gets the last verse,crappiest clothes,never gets to be in the middle..
by Michada June 27, 2006

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