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1. People who realize that can see that every over-glorified gun-tootin', faggit' hatin' (but closet homosexual), mysoginistic, mullet havin', moronic asshole will only live to serve the people who didn't live out the best years of their life in high school.

2. Bitter curmudgeons, who are angered by the lack of their own athletic abilities, that piss and moan about jocks.

3. People who think they are cool and original by hating the popular clique simply because of their double standards and hypocritical exclusive mindsets.
1. "Wow. You can bite your thumb off and smear the blood on your face. You're a man now. Because we all know self mutilation constitutes masculinity. Now finish my damn burger."

2. "Stupid Jocks! They shouldn't do anything! Now I'm going to write shitty poetry on my blog about death and desolation because I am too damn narrow minded to actually reason like a human being! STOP SUFFOCATING MY CREATIVITY!"

3. "AsLwTfOmGlOlRoFlMaO1!1! , gUd,ChArLuT , n , SiMpL , pLaN , n , YeLlOw , CrD , n , EvRy , OtHr , DiMe , a , DoZn , PeEs , Ov , ShIt , BaNd , ThT , mTv , ReGrGiTaTs , N , fOrS , fEeDz , DoWn , R , ThRoAtS , rAwKs , MaH , sOks , N , r , SoO , pUnX1!1!"
by Mextazectaces May 25, 2005
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