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The creator of Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show.

While the earliest seasons of Family Guy were genuinely funny, the half-baked, arrogant, overly self-indulgent douchebag known as Seth MacFarlane now mostly uses it as a vehicle for his anti-religious opinions (stated as facts) and takes on social issues, which are usually projected through Lois. To make Family Guy more of a cartoon, and less of a rant on right-wing Christians, he sprinkles in bits of Peter's buffoonery, Stewie-is-gay jokes, random swear words, 70's and 80's movie references (which approximately 3 per cent of the show's mostly teenage and twenty-something douchebag audience understands), et cetera. American Dad and The Cleveland Show are not used as frequently for this purpose, and are more or less cheap spin-offs of Family Guy, with their respective characters filling in each family role (Peter = Stan = Cleveland, and so on).
Come on, Seth MacFarlane, that's just pathetic.
by Mexistentialism August 04, 2011

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