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1)The name of an amazing guy who does anything for his woman. He is commonly mistaken for the definiton "To perform a sex act on a coworker or usually one to have sex with all of your friends' girlfriends." He doesnt do that. However, he is "the coolest fucking person alive". He also likes his women thick (not fat) and he loves girls that are Italian, Polish, and Black. He is the nicest, most friendliest, caring guy you will ever meet.

2) The constipated vampire from Twilight.
1a) That Jasper is such a nice boy!
1b) Dang! I didnt know Jasper liked his girls thick! Get it boyy!!

2) Dude, that Jasper guy always looks constipated off of Twilight. Maybe he should buy some laxatives!
by MercyT September 30, 2010
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