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The most inferior seminary in the world. Girls who attend Michlalah are destined to be the most inferior girls ever. If you meet a Michlalah girl, stand back, because you may be blown away by her inferiority. If you are a Michlalah girl, you are one of the poor few. You have permission to walk around saying, "Please don't hurt me because I'm a Michlalah girl!"

Just don't be surprised when people faint at the sight of you.
Yenta #1: Wow, look at her, she's such a Michlalah Girl!

Yenta #2: You're right, she's inferior...I need to keep her away from my son!

Yenta #1: Well don't worry---he's staying away on his own!

(running from Michlalah Girl)
by MeohrGirlz August 19, 2009

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