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The most cutest, loveliest, sexiest, best bassist ever from the Strokes, with a daughter called Elysia, born in the summer of 2004. He is 6"2', cuts his own hair, and does not smoke. He is shy and that's what I love. I almost die because of his charm.
"We're pretty much taking all the songs that have worked the best in the past and we're using those and all of the new songs. In the short time that we've got to play them, we're trying to use what ones work the best." - Nikolai Fraiture
by MegguMe July 17, 2006
A Jewish-American singer/songwriter, born in 1981, with songs like Jessica (about Jessica Simpson), Friends of Mine and Emily. He used to have a band called the Moldy Peaches, but stopped in 2002.
And he's got the most sexiest eyes and voice in the whole world. Looks like a mix between Julian Casablancas and Johnny Borrell.
Dicography: Garfield, 2002
Friends of Mine, 2003
Gemstones, 2005
Jacket Full of Danger, 2006

Adam Green rocks.
And it don't mean I don't love you, when i put a gun to your face, It just means I wanna get rough with you. (Adam Green, Baby's gonna die tonight: Garfield, 2002)
by MegguMe July 24, 2006