3 definitions by MeganEatsHoez

A small redneck town usually located in the middle of no where.
Friend: Where are you?
Me: I'm in winnemicca, you can't miss it. It's the only podunk town for 200 mines!
by MeganEatsHoez August 17, 2015
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AKA: Black Widow

A female who feeds off of the mental, physical and material means of a male and then leaves him for dead.

succubus black widow whore
A woman who sucks the life out of a male just like a Sheila Lohr does, and then kills him after having her way with him
by MeganEatsHoez March 08, 2016
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When you launch a blood feud against a killer who murdered your entire family, but remain pretty chill about the whole thing.
"He killed your family, why are you so chill?"

"I have a zendetta, not a vendetta. I got time."
by MeganEatsHoez October 27, 2016
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