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a) one who chooses the pessimistic approach and makes it a mission for everyone to see his point of view

b) having to be the first to point out the subject's fault

c) slang for an athlete that cannot stop causing penalties for his/her team

Similar to: snitch,liar,pessimist,
a) Person A: What's up with (name here) he keeps on telling everyone what I did. Person B: Doesn't he know once is enough? Person A: He's a "faulter"

b) incident Faulter:He/she did it I saw the whole thing and he/she did it yesterday and they day before. I am way more innocent and faultess. Victim A: What a (cuss) faulter

c) Player A: We don't need this right now in the game. Player B: Get your (cuss) together. Faulter: It wasn't my fault. Player A: Were going to give you the nickname Faulter king/queen of the penalties. Player B: haha
by Meeschy February 04, 2012

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