5 definitions by MeatIoafgod

Some guy who wanted to tear down a wall build by Donald Trump
Guy: Hey did you hear that Ronald Drump tore down the wall?
by MeatIoafgod November 11, 2020
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A catchy-ass song about the chinese
Guy 1: Where are you right now
Guy 2: Chin Cheng Hanji
by MeatIoafgod September 15, 2020
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The total opposite of urban dictionary. Instead of adding new words, you take away words.
"Hey have you heard of yranoitciD nabrU?"
"No, that word was removed a while ago on there."
by MeatIoafgod November 11, 2020
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Holy shit is that a jojo refrence
Man: ゴゴゴ

Man 2: N-nani Jojo?!?!?
by MeatIoafgod November 19, 2020
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