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A large intermediate chool in Walnut Creek, Northern California that is home of the Squires. The halls are outdoors and several elementary schools feed into it (i.e. Buena Vista, Indian Valley, Murwoon, Parkmead, and Walnut Heights). The different social groups are as following:

"Wangstas" (Wannabe gangstas)
No one in Walnut Creek is really ghetto. The Wangstas are just a bunch of kids with problems that like to party and be fake. Several members of this group are unaware they are wangstas make fun of them and deny they are a part of the wangstas. Generally you can tell if someone is a part of the wangstas by simply looking at them (i.e. overuse of black, hoodies, skulls, and sagging in boys, and underuse of any clothing whatsoever in girls)

This is the group of rich, preppy people. Half of them are sporty, one quarter are slacker-kissups, and a quarter have genuine academic talent. Among the academicly talented are a few competitive intellectuals that vary from uber popular to prefers-cats-but-has-a-few-good-friends.

hang out with both preps and wangstas. Prep style but wangsta subtance. Engages in behavior that is totally inappropriate for a prep but smiles at the teachers so they'll turn the other cheek.
Wangsta Boy: "HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Let's go downtown and party!!! We're so bad*ss because only gangsters like us would only go to the...... Apple Store!!!!"
Halfprep girl: **pulls neckline of her shirt past her shoulder so most of her bra is showing**
Smart girl: "Err nothanks. I'm going to go do my homework.... Feed my cats..... Yeah bye" (smart girl wonders how these people can go to the same school as her, Walnut creek intermediate)
by Meapergirl December 18, 2010
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