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A city that deserves every bad thing said about it but not necessarily because of the crime. It provides all the stress and problems of living in a major city with none of the benefits like good public transportation, good services, late night food, culture, modern infrastructure, and smart people. The reason Baltimore has so many problems is because it is filled with provincial fucks who have never lived anywhere else, especially a real city like Chicago, New York, or Philly. Thus, they think Baltimore is the greatest place on earth because all they can compare it to is the Eastern Shore, the one place they all go every year for a "vacation". It is amazing these small minded people can't even leave their tiny state once a year during the summer.

Along with Faidley's crabcakes, the staggering amount of backwards thinking and ignorance that is evenly distributed among those from all socioeconomic backgrounds makes Baltimore worth a visit. It is a sight to see. Just make sure to watch your back and get out quickly before you get hit on the head, mugged, and wake up five months later not remembering how you even got to Baltimore. FFS do not move anywhere near that shit hole. You will regret it.
Hey a great job just opened up in downtown Baltimore dude. You gonna apply?

No, I'd rather eat out Bea Arthur's dead cunt than move to that awful place.
by McNulty's Whiskey July 16, 2011

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