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Not merely the absence of, but the opposite - the antithesis - of Craic. Michael Nichten is perhaps the greatest living embodiment of the principle of being No Craic and spoiling people's weekends.
Mick, you are seriously No Craic.
Katy, you are seriously No Craic.
Mick and Katy No Craic, you make a lovely couple.
by McCraickin January 17, 2005
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vb. To hamper, deliberately or otherwise, the success of another, or oneself, in the act of trying to engineer an intimate encounter with a member of the opposite sex. Often used in phrasal form in conjuction with the word "meeting", i.e. "To shop one's meeting."
Looks like big Colin shopped you again.
Are you serious about always shopping me?
Sorry, mate, didn't mean to shop your meeting.
I just shopped myself.
by McCraickin January 17, 2005
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There are many different forms of craic, the highest of which is deserving of a capital C. The Craic, as we know it, is the purest form, and is in fact practised by very few people, even in Ireland. Its lesser but vastly more popular cousin is known to some as Mastercard craic, or Mastercraic, for short, but the superiority suggested by its name is unfounded. It is often identified with bhodrhans, Guinness, and thick woolen jumpers. Americans in particular are very fond of this parody of Craic, much to the chagrin of all true Good Men of Craic. It is well documented that women in general are No Craic.
In the name of Craic...
Be a bit of Craic and buy a drink.
When you asked that girl was she going the Hard Way, that was some Craic.
by McCraickin January 17, 2005
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