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sweet, hardcore, rebellious, radical... tuite is wrong it is not a gnarley its definitely knarley.
:dude i just backflipped of a 200 ft building

:awesome that was so KNARLEY
by Max R April 30, 2005

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Miniwaz is part of a long chain of Waz's starting with the original Waz-Ben followed by Waz-Matthew. Miniwaz-Jon harris-wanna be rapper thinks he is the 'ultimate legend' walks around with his collar popped and his hair funked he bones horse rapists and lives in the style of A-town. Born in
the hood and is skuled at Soaks look out for him x
Max: hey jon
Miniwaz: Holla atcha boy big dane
Max: What you up 2??
Miniwaz: Chillin with my homeboy
Max:ahh im bored what do you want to do?
Miniwaz: lets go to the COMPUTER LABS !!!!!!!!
by Max R May 08, 2005

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