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A modern effeminate male, typically a millennial. A self-described feminist-leftist who majored in Social Justice Studies, Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies, Theater, Dance or any other range of useless college degree fields. Shows fear and revulsion at the sight of masculine men. Usually appears in public wearing flannel, skinny jeans often of a short length to resemble Capri pants. May have dyed hair and a beard that he spends at least a half hour each morning grooming. Urinates standing up in a stall in the men's room rather than at the urinal. Has a penchant for expensive Starbucks flavored drinks with soy milk and flavored craft beer. Likely a vegan or vegetarian. Raised by dominant man-hating feminist mother either without a father or with a cuckold henpecked man for a father. May own a car, likely a Toyota Prius or Nissan Cube, but has no concept of how to open the hood or change a tire. More likely rides a fixed gear bike. Completely lacking in any mechanical skills and proud of that fact. May spends hours or days gaming in his mother's basement. Offers nothing to society.
The soy boy is crying since they ran out of pumpkin spiced lattes.
by Max Suba February 23, 2018
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Used by US Marines in the Pacific during WWII. Refers to Marines who begin to act similar to local natives as a result of too much time spent on the islands or the stresses of combat.

Used before WWII to refer to the China Marines stationed in China for long periods.
Sgt. Jennings has gone Asiatic. He needs some leave.
by Max Suba January 3, 2011
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Much like Bigfoot, Unicorns and Mermaids, hand sanitizer is a magical and mythical life saving personal disinfectant that is widely spoken of, but no one has ever seen.
Hey bro, did you get any hand sanitizer? Have not seen it anywhere. Don't even think it exists anymore.
by Max Suba March 25, 2020
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