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An Emma is word used to discribe a person who thinks they're a turtle or lizard. Emmas are people who are slightly strange and are someetimes mistaken for mentally unstable. They develope a state of Emma-ness at around the age of 8. They eventually learn that they are not reptiles.
"My aunt is an Emma, I met her last night"

"Isn't a Emma someone with a mental problem?"

"No, they just think that they are turtles"
by Mawage May 23, 2012

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A Tabitha is someone with red hair, who continues to deny that she has red/orange hair.
"I'd like to dye my hair red please"

"But your hair is already red"

"*gasps* MY HAIR ISN'T RED!!! It's strawberry blonde, B^t$h!"

"*whispers* What a Tabitha"
by Mawage May 23, 2012

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