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Savage is ultraconservative conceited radio talk-show host who has difficulty tolerating disagreement and criticism. He is hypocritical and has a deplorable lack of honor and character.

To summarize, a more appropriate name for Savage is “Cabbage”. Like the food, he is rough and big on the outside, but has little more than hot air on the inside.
Michael Savage rarely engages in civil discussion with those who politely and intelligently disagree with his perspective on different issues. When intellectually cornered by a caller, Savage will often resort to screaming and launching personal attacks in attempts to avoid continued discussions of topics. When that does not seem to work, he will hang up on the caller and continue to berate him.

He also seems incapable of tolerating criticism. So far he has sued hosts of two or three web sites that dared to criticize him. In one suit, he apparently had difficulty distinguishing “fair use” from copyright infringement. Yet, Savage has not qualms about quoting and criticizing other people.

He is also very hypocritical, often using name-calling tactics to characterize other talk show hosts (He has resorted to calling Rush Limbaugh “Hush Bimbo”.) Yet, his name was originally Michael Weiner. Have you heard of the pot calling the kettle black?

Finally, he exhibits a deplorable lack of honor and character. He asked people to donate money for his suit against CAIR. He said that he would sue care to the bitter end if necessary and that he would take it to the Supreme Court. When offered the chance to improve upon one of his suits against CAIR, he failed to keep his promise to his listeners/donors and chickened out. I doubt that he considered offering to return donations that he received. Doing so would take class.

He says that other media (shows) is frightened of him. Such is not the case. He is actually afraid of other media. He had been invited, on different occasions, to debate other people on neutral territory via an independent moderator. He declined. Apparently, he prefers to in total control of the calls, insulated and protected in his own studio, behind his own little mike.
by Mattskramer March 31, 2009
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