1 definition by Matt609

Southern half of New Jersey where the area codes are 609 or 856. You love and represent Wawa as your convenience store, and all Philly teams, despite those who come here and try to root for NY/NJ teams. You go away to school your 1st year or 2 but then realize that South Jersey is where you need to be and transfer to Stockton or Rowan. The sub/hoagie thing is disputable (sub closer to the beaches, hoagie closer to Philly), but it's NEVER a hero or a grinder. We have our South Jersey accent and we're damn proud of it. People really aren't assholes here in my opinion. It's cleaner and has a lot more scenery than the north and it's a great place to raise a family. Yeah Camden and Atlantic City suck but everywhere else is fairly safe. South Jersey is better in all aspects than the north!!!
Me: "Hey where are you from?"
Someone else: "North Jersey, you?"
Me: "South Jersey"
Someone else: "That's cool, want to go to Quick Chek??"
Me: "Hell no, I'll road trip to the nearest Wawa!!"
by Matt609 February 17, 2011